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Electric motorbikes for individuals and companies:

Electric motorbikes offer their owners a number of riding
a number of riding advantages. Not only are they quieter
are not only quieter than conventional motorbikes, they are also much more fuel
much more fuel efficient and emit less CO2 emissions.
emit less CO2 emissions.

This means that owners of electric motorbikes can
can save money in the long run, as well as contribute to the environment by
contribute to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Electric scooters are the perfect solution for
companies looking to reduce fuel and maintenance costs
and maintenance costs, as they don’t need fuel to
which means fewer refuelling stops and less downtime.
less downtime.

Electric scooters have a much greater range, allowing riders to travel
range, allowing riders to travel longer distances
longer distances between refuelling. This is
especially useful for delivery companies, which have multiple
multiple destinations on a daily basis.

New motorbike NX²

The electric bike that will change your mind

Features of the NX² electric scooter:

125 km range
130 km/h top speed

MotoRBIKE Next mojito

The most refreshing 125cc electric motorbike

Features of the NEXT Mojito electric scooter:

2 removable batteries and up to 200 km range.
90 km/h, discover your city!
3 colours available

MotoRBIKE eléctrica next nx1


Features of the NX1 electric scooter:

2 removable batteries and conventional charger
Up to 130 km range – 45km/h
5 colours available

MotoRBIKE eléctrica next nx plus


2 removable batteries and space for your helmet under the seat

140 km range – 80 km/h

3 colours available


Cash payment, maximum guarantees.

In Indian Alicante we appraise your bike instantly giving the maximum guarantees and with immediate payment in cash. Do not hesitate to request an appraisal without obligation. We collect your bike. You can also leave it in deposit and we defend the price you have put.

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